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ELA Standards

Click on the links below to view the Louisiana ELA Standards.

2nd Grade ELA

3rd Grade ELA

4th Grade ELA

5th Grade ELA

Focusing on ELA

The mission of North DeSoto Upper Elementary is to provide opportunities for students to achieve their personal best, become responsible and productive members of society, and embrace lifelong learning in a positive environment.

What curriculum is driving ELA instruction at NDUE?

Engaging students with grade-level text is central in an effective ELA classroom. Research has shown that the key factor in determining student learning in ELA is students’ ability to read and understand grade-level texts. As such, Louisiana’s new ELA standards demand that all students regularly access at or above grade-level texts and all students express their understanding of those texts through writing and speaking.


To support teachers with this, the Louisiana ELA Guidebooks provide an explanation of how to structure an English language arts classroom centered around authentic texts, plans aligned to the state standards for English language arts, yearly and unit instructional plans that can be adapted by teams of teachers, and examples of daily whole-class instruction. 

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